Form of a Question Game Show

Form of a Question is our take on TV’s wildly popular game show, Jeopardy®.

Contestants are called up to our interactive scoring podiums, and the game play begins.  Questions are asked not by reading the actual question, but instead by reading the answer!  Contestants then must be the first to ring-in on their podium for the chance to provide the correct ‘question.’

Using ‘Categories’ of different types of questions, our Form of a Question corporate game show is a ton of fast-paced fun, and allows us to cover a wide variety of questions.


The first player chooses a ‘Category’ and point value from the available slots on the game board.  The Host then reads the answer to that question aloud.  The first contestant to ‘ring-in’ on their podium gets the opportunity to provide the correct ‘question’ to the answer that was read.

If correct, that contestant then takes control of the game board and selects the next Category and point value.  If incorrect, the other contestants get a chance to ‘ring-in’ and submit their guess.

Play continues until every available space on the game board has been selected.

Electrical Circuits Needed: 3

Form of a Question Game Show

Form of a Question Game Show

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