Feud Game Show

The gameplay experience of our Face-Off Feud game show will make you feel like you’re on the TV show itself (only without millions of people judging you).

Guest of all ages, and backgrounds, can successfully play Face-Off Feud. Perfect for Holiday Parties, Corporate Team Building Gatherings, and Conference Entertainment, Face-Off Feud is one of our most adaptable game shows, and can be tailored to suit all budgets.

Up to 10 contestants are called onto stage at once (5 per team), and play begins with one contestant from each team playing the face-off podium. Contestants are asked a simple, open-ended question and the first to hit their buzzers gets to answer. Best answer prevails, and that contestant chooses if their team will attempt to finish answering the question, or ‘pass’ to the opposing team.

Teams are given three strikes in the course of attempting to finish answering the question, and if the receive all three strikes the opposing team immediately gets the opportunity to steal the question & points with one correct answer.

Play continues until three questions are answered. Team with the highest point total wins!

Electrical Circuits Needed: 3

Feud Game Show

Feud Game Show

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