4 players can play at once as they take on the swinging boom. Who will be the last one standing? 

 25' x 25' x 10'

We recommend a minimum user height of 48 inches and a maximum weight of the participant of 200lbs.

Needs main power source. Generator will not work on this inflatable.


Power Requirements: 1 Blower. 110 Volt/12 Amps.  

Recommend that blowers are on a circuit by themselves. Blower has 20' power cord. You may attach up to an additional 100' of power cord. Minimum 14 gauge cord.

Motors: REQUIRES OWN CIRCUIT: 110-240 volts single phase drawing 12-16 amps

$1500 for a 4 hour rental - please call for pricing for longer or multiple day events.

Electrical Circuits Needed: 2



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