Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Presenting our Kiddie Ferris Wheel, a perfect fair ride for entertaining young guests at your next event! This pint-sized 6 car Ferris Wheel is tailored for kids, offering a secure and magical experience that promises to make unforgettable memories.

Our Kiddie Ferris Wheel is adorned with bright colors and illuminated by dazzling lights, bringing a whimsical flair to any event. The ride comes with cozy, safe seating, enabling kids to relax and revel in a gentle rotation, giving them the sensation of gliding through the air.

Ideal for company picnics, school fairs, local festivals, or any celebratory occasion, this Ferris Wheel delivers an exciting fair adventure that will and have them eagerly asking to ride again!

Suitable for ages 3-adult, each car has maximum capacity 200lbs

Electrical Circuits Needed: 2

Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Kiddie Ferris Wheel

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