Cyclone Swings

Cyclone Swing is the wild, wind-up amusement ride that will keep you smiling spin after spin!  A true carnival favorite, the Cyclone is the perfect attraction for all next level events! Up to 16 passengers can ride at one time so you and all your friends will have endless fun together.  Control your spin from within your bucket as the whole ride spins as well.

Spin, Twist and Shout while riding this incredibly thrilling ride! The MindWinder is a swing ride with a literal twist. Each car seats two riders who can spin the ride car as fast as they’d like while the whole ride spins in a 40’ foot circle. 

Ages 5 and up Minimum height requirement is 42″.

Foot Print 75’ x 75’ x15’

Electrical Circuits Needed: 3

Cyclone Swings

Cyclone Swings

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