*** Galaxy Ninja Mobile Warrior

The Galaxy Ninja Mobile


This new mobile game will test your strength and agility while getting the adrenaline coursing through your body! A new action game that brings a brand new experience to your events and parties.

Time your Ninja Warriors with our proprietary touch screen scoring system.  One PERSON at a time competes, the best 5 times of the day are showcased on a weatherproof big screen monitor for the audience to see as well as including the current time. When a Ninja Warrior completes the course there is a burst from an LED smoke cannon.

Age/size requirements: over 42” tall – under 300lbs max

Will accommodate approximately 30-40 competitors per hour.

Operating footprint 35′ x 29′ x 15′

Closed - 28'L x 12.6'H x 8.6'W 10000lbs - WILL NOT FIT THROUGH DOUBLE DOORS

Must be set up on a flat LEVEL surface - pavement preferred.

$3500 for a 4 hour rental - please call for pricing for longer or multiple day events.

Electrical Circuits Needed: 2

*** Galaxy Ninja Mobile Warrior

*** Galaxy Ninja Mobile Warrior

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