Electronic Deluxe Bingo

Experience BINGO in a big way!

With bingo cages, verification boards, balls, and bingo paper, we can help you create exciting authentic bingo events that will have your guests fighting for the chance to shout out BINGO!

Our BINGO game console is a professional system with FLASHBOARD that will be a great addition to your next BINGO event, including parties, fundraisers, social gatherings and more. 

An exciting standard feature of this system is the flashing "last number called" on each flashboard.
The built-in ball timer is adjustable from 1-99 seconds. An audible "beep" coupled with a large L.E.D. display, indicates when to call a ball.

Console Size: 51"L x 24"W x 37"H Shipping Wt. : 85 lbs.
Flashboard: 93.5"L x 6.5"W x 29"H Shipping Weight: 85 lbs.

Electrical Circuits Needed: 2

Electronic Deluxe Bingo

Electronic Deluxe Bingo

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