Milk the Cow

Race against others to see who can milk the cow faster into a bucket.

Challengers step up to "Ol' Bessie" and do their best to out-milk each other. Cow Milking Contests are a top attraction at fairs & festivals, now you can enjoy it at your event without the hassle of a live cow. It can be played by one person using a timer to see who is the fastest in this hilarious carnival cow milking game.

Because the bucket in the cow milking game is filled with water you should expect the ground around the players to get wet as well. Keep this in mind if you are hosting an event that will be held indoors because your flooring could become very wet. The bucket that is the cow milking games udder will need to be refilled with water after each round of contestants play so there will need to be a water source nearby that can easily be used for refilling the bucket with water.

Approximate size - 8' x 4' 

$125 for a 4 hour rental - please call for pricing for longer or multiple day events.

Electrical Circuits Needed: 0

Milk the Cow

Milk the Cow

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