Top Doc (Giant Operation)

An upsized portable version of this classic electronic Giant Operation game!

Use the magnetic wand to remove all the body parts without touching the sides. The game tests your dexterity and skill and can soon become addictive.

This Giant Operation game takes a classic board game and scales it up while adding a technology twist for greater appeal and improved game play. With this Giant Operation game, the players wand is actually an electromagnet. When the player touches the wand to a game piece, it automatically latches onto the wand and magnetizes. While carefully trying to remove the piece if the user should contact the edge of the shape, the magnet automatically turns off and the piece drops. An audible beep is triggered along with a visual light, and the unit records the mistake on a large 3 inch LED display.

$150 for a 4 hour rental - please call for pricing for longer or multiple day events.

Electrical Circuits Needed: 1

Top Doc (Giant Operation)

Top Doc (Giant Operation)

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